Delhi: The Capital of India.

Lucknow: The capital city of Uttar Pradesh which is said to decide the Political Battle of India.

Sravasti: Lord Buddha spent his 24 years and had follower for his teaching from here.

Lumbini: The birth place of Lord Buddha.

Kushinagar: Place where Lord Buddha achieved complete liberation from World.

Vaishali: Lord Buddha delivered his last sermon

Nalanda: The ruins of most ancient university of World lies here.

Rajgir: The well-known ‘Atanatiya’, a poem for protection from evil spirit presented to Lord Buddha by King Vessavan was held at Vultures Peak Mountain here.

BodhGaya: Hindu Prince Siddharth attained enlightment here under the Bodhi Tree.

Sarnath: Lord Buddha gave his first sermon.

Varanasi: One of the oldest living city of the World

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