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Itching for adventure Adventure means different things to different people. While to some it may involve swimming with kaleidoscopic aquatic life, summiting a great peak...

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To Trance Holidays Pvt. Ltd., To accompany the Minister of Commerce Mr. Zhong Shan’s official visit to India, the promotion event of China International Import Expo as well as China-India Trade Signing Ceremony, organized by Trade Development Bureau (TDB) of […]


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Beware of fraudulent transactions
It has come to our notice that some fraudulent people are enticing prospective travellers by quoting very cheap deals by using the credentials of trance holidays.
All our customers please note that trance holidays does not accept online booking through its website and the money is only received by trance holidays in icici bank LTD nsp branch having ifs code…… Trance holidays does not own any liability and responsibility of any such transactions.

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